Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday

This week I took a break from my seemingly endless Storm at Sea piecing to put together a block for the Scrap Club at Intown Quilters in Decatur, GA.  This terrific quilt shop has started a monthly program led by Taffy McLaughlin where we meet to learn about different techniques for using our scraps. 

In January we worked on a sashing pattern of small squares set on point.  The blocks in the pattern were 15" finished size before the sashing. I simplified mine to finish at 12" including the sashing.

This month we learned about using templates of different types.  I really liked one of Taffy's samples with 8-point stars.  Afterwards I came home and cut strips from many of my blue fabrics.  I made strip sets of different reds and blues, then cut 45 degree diamonds from them.  It has been great fun playing with the different ways I can arrange the pieces. 

I am thinking I will use red and blue scraps with a light background fabric to make at least one block each month based on the demonstrations at the scrap club.  These stars were so much fun that I might make several more.  I hope to end up with enough different blocks to put together into a quilt at the end of the year.

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  1. Those star blocks look so nice!! What size are they?

  2. I like the way changing your pieces around gives you subtle differences in each star. But I think I like the kaleidoscope effect the best! What a great program you've got available every month! :)

  3. I love these stars! ...and your Storm at Sea! Is the storm pattern available in a book or single pattern? I would love to do one. I will have to add a pattern search to my to do list for today. I'm new to all of this blogging as well...stop by and see me if you get a chance.

  4. The star blocks will finish at 12". I used 1-1/2" strips by 18" long, 8 of them together for each set, then cut 45 degree diamonds that measure 3". I used freezer paper templates as a cutting guide to be sure to get them centered.

  5. The stars are so much fun, I love how much they change with different placements.

  6. Fun! I love those strippy stars! :o)

  7. Lovely star blocks. Very nice and great to use scraps.


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