Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Is anyone getting tired of seeing photos of this Storm at Sea quilt?  Quilting time has been very limited lately, so my progress is quite slow.  It doesn't help any that I changed plans for the pieced border, and the new design requires even more blocks.  What you see in the photo above will be the center of the quilt.

Here are the different units that go into this quilt.  There will be 110 of the nine-patch square in a square, and I have finished 67 of them, plus I have made the 9-patches for the rest.  The mostly blue ones are for the center, and the light ones are part of the border.  These finish at 6".

There are also smaller square-in-a-square units that finish at 3".  Again, the ones with all blue corners are for the center, and the others for the border.  I need 90 altogether and have 56 made.

Then there are these little beauties.  I made them using the Tri-Recs tools for cutting.  There will be 199 of these in the quilt, and I have 98 completed, plus more partially done.  They will measure 3" x 6" finished.

Lots of cutting and sewing still to be done.  I am trying not to stress out over how long it is taking and just enjoy the time spent working with these beautiful fabrics.  It's surprising that I still like the fabrics so much considering they are all at least 10 years old!

Yesterday I finally got around to taking down the Christmas Lone Star quilt that was hanging in my sewing room.  There is a space between two windows that works better as a spot to display quilts rather than as a design wall.  With all the warm weather we have had lately, it seemed right to go with something for spring, so I put up my "Pretty in Plaid" applique quilt.  This pattern is in the Piece O' Cake book Contemporary Classics in Plaids & Stripes.

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  1. oh no, not getting tired of seeing your storm at sea. I'm gonna miss it when it's gone. I just may have to make one of my own then :)

  2. I think your Storm at Sea is really lovely. It is one of my favorite patterns. Good work!

  3. I always enjoy looking at your Storm at Sea! Your little Pretty in Plaid wall hanging is adorable!

  4. Keep showing the storm at sea: it is inspiring me to think about making one. Not there yet so need that ongoing inspiration.

  5. Beautiful Storm at Sea. Love your fabrics. The appliqued flowers are tops!

  6. Your Storm at Sea is bee-you-tee-full!!!!! I love the nine patches inside the square in square blocks. they give it that much more depth. The time spent on this will be sooooooooo worth it.

  7. I would never ever get tired of that quilt. It is lovely, may favorite color and a pattern I have always wanted to make, but never have. I can't wait to see what the border looks like all put together on the central part. Do keep us posted!


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