Monday, December 19, 2022

Design Wall Monday 12/19/2022

My goal to get the Ruby Challenge quilt top assembled before the end of the month is coming along nicely. Over the weekend I made the last of the blocks, then began joining them together into sections. Here are the first two sections to be completed.

I don't like sewing blocks into long rows, then stitching those rows together. My preferred method is to join the blocks into sections, then put those larger sections together. This method works well whether the blocks are set horizontally or diagonally.

Check out what other quilters are working on this week at Design Wall Monday at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts. 

Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA 


  1. I'm with you. I prefer to sew sections together. I'm not fond of borders either. Love the pattern.

  2. It's funny what becomes a preferred method. I assemble blocks in horizontal rows. When I try "webbing" in columns (as Bonnie Hunter shows) I get the blocks mixed up. When the setting is on-point I start at the upper left and sew all the diagonal rows until I get to the center. I sew all those rows together and pin that section to the design wall. Then I pin the remaining diagonal rows. When those blocks are assembled I sew all those diagonals together. Then I sew the two halves together...........All that methodology aside, I really, really like your ruby blocks! The light reds and dark reds play off one another so well.

  3. That will be stunning!! Doing sections at a time sure cuts down on those long, long seams. I used both methods, but probably use rows more often.

  4. same with me, this is so pretty. Caught my eye with the "white circles", made from joining the sections. Red and white.... a winning combo with all the shades you used

  5. Oh my goodness, Julie. The bits of white in a red quilt will really sparkle. It will be a show stopper!

  6. The Ruby Challenge project is going to be stunning when it's all assembled. Hope you can get it some good stitching time this week.

  7. Spectacular! Love it! I also prefer to sew chunks instead of rows.


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