Saturday, February 2, 2019

Scrappy Rainbow Saturday: Week 5, 2019

Just as suspected last week, I have started far too many new projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over the past month. There's no way I can keep up with all of these. Let me show you what I'm talking about (regular RSC readers will have seen some of the following photos already.) All measurements listed are finished block sizes.

#1 & #2. String blocks (6") and crumb blocks (4")

#3. Rolling 9-Patch (5")

#4. 30's Pinwheels (4")

#5. Framed Crumb Star (12")

#6. Orange Peel (3")

#7. Stair Steps (6")

#8. Tiny Tuesday/RSC Sampler 2019 (4.5")

Here is a shot of most of these blocks together on the design wall. The missing blocks are the 30's Pinwheels and the Rolling 9-Patches, which I have already decided not to continue with as 2019 RSC projects.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, January, 2019

Oh no! EIGHT PROJECTS?! How in the world did that happen? Here I thought I wasn't doing much quilting in January. Just shows how wrong you can be. I certainly won't be able to keep up with all of these for the rest of the year. The current plan is to keep going on the following:

1. Orange Peels
2. Tiny Tuesday sampler 
3. Stair Steps
4. Framed Crumb Star

5. Crumb blocks (tentative) 

Doing the Orange Peels provides my needed applique project for the train ride to work. I enjoy following along on the RSC sampler projects, and I can't wait to play with different layouts of those Stair Steps blocks. The Framed Crumb Star means I need to make at least one crumb block each month. Who knows how many more might happen. There, I guess I've settled on my RSC plan for 2019!

Don't worry about the projects that didn't make the cut; they will be delayed until another time. The red 30's Pinwheels will join the other finished pinwheel blocks in my box of 30's projects, and there may be other colors joining them occasionally but not every month. The Rolling 9Patch blocks may become a little wall-hanging or table topper, perhaps with some more red blocks added because I have extra 9-patches already made. The string blocks will join some others from the past and wait for the right time to be used.

It's time for me to make this week's Tiny Tuesday block, then start pulling out the yellow scraps for February. What are you making with your scraps?

I am linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge on Saturday and with Oh Scrap! at Quilting is more fun than Housework on SundayBe sure to check out all of the wonderful projects that everyone is sharing! 

Julie in GA


  1. oh my goodness, only 8 new projects? LOL I only started 3 this year, so far. But havent finished many of the previous years yet either. Your plans look lovely! Love the backgrounds.

  2. It had to be hard to choose between all those projects, they are all going to make some gorgeous quilts. Looking forward to seeing regular progress on the ones you picked and peeks at the others when you get a chance to work on them.

  3. Great job at picking just 4. It is easy to get overwhelmed and "want to do them all". I narrowed it down to 2 scrap projects this year, but have many other "challenges" that I am working on. I really want to join in with Tiny Tuesday, but so far I have been strong. I'm just watching what everyone else is doing! :)

  4. I really like those Stair Step blocks! Glad we will get to see them in lots of colors!

  5. It is so hard to narrow down the choices each year. I look forward to the projects that made the cut for 2019!

  6. Oh my, you have the best blocks! My black and gray scraps are overflowing and I’m seriously thinking of adding those Stair Step blocks to my list! Great blocks and eye candy!!

  7. You certainly did a great job with your red blocks. The rolling nine patch and the stair steps are new to me. The big scrappy star is something I would like to do myself. Keep up the good work!

  8. I LOVE all of your projects. The rolling 9-patches are adorable. I don't know if I've ever seen that block before. GORGEOUS blog post as always...and it's just stuff others would have thrown away and you made it GORGEOUS!

  9. I'm intrigued by those rolling 9-patches! Sad that you're discontinuing them, but I totally understand! (Don't ask me how many RSC projects I've started in the last two years - mostly because I've lost count! I seem to have shed a bunch of them!)

  10. That's quite a lot to keep you going. I really like your stair steps ant the chevron layout.

  11. Yup, pulled my yellow box out as soon as I finished the heart block! You've got a good start on RSC19. Although whittled down you've still got your work cut out for you. Looking forward to a bright, cheerful February!

  12. Those blocks are ALL project-worthy!!! Where on Earth did you find that Rolling Nine Patch pattern? That might be a fun way to enlarge my Tiny Nines!

  13. I can see why you pared back your number of projects a bit - but everything looks great! You should have lots of fun challenges with all your RSC projects!

  14. I love the Rolling 9-Patch. I'm sad you decided to not continue this project for the RSC but, like you said, it will turn up somewhere else. Orange Peel looks so good with a dark background. Awesome work! ;^)

  15. I find it funny how you didn't realize you had as much sewing in January as you thought! I'm loving all the red!

  16. I am trying my best to not get too carried away with my RSC blocks too. I think you made some wonderful choices. Thanks for sharing all your pretty red blocks with Oh Scrap!

  17. Wow! I don't think I'd be able to cut any of those projects!


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