Sunday, February 26, 2017

Another Star Cluster Quilt

This is the third time this year that I have used Judy Martin's Star Cluster pattern to make a baby quilt. Each quilt has been in different colors with some variations in the piecing of the star centers. You can see the other two versions HERE and HERE.

First of all, here is a close-up of the fabrics in this quilt. The parents-to-be are both musicians, so I am using some of my collection of music fabrics on this quilt. I made another baby quilt using some of the same fabrics when they had their first child (see it HERE.)

Since the quilt is made from all music fabrics, it seemed to make sense to do a piano key border. Unfortunately, I've been having trouble getting the border to fit. The center of the quilt measures 34.5", and the border strip along the side is closer to 35 or 35.25". I've already tried making some of the seams a little deeper, but it still doesn't fit. It might be time to just trim down the strips at the the two ends and call it good enough! The baby won't mind.

I am linking up to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times, Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt, and Moving It Forward at Em's Scrapbag. Check out all of them for tons of amazing quilting inspiration! 

Julie in GA


  1. Oh! I love Bl/Wh and with that pop of red....WOW!!! Nice work...

  2. Love this quilt, it's so cool looking. And if I were you I'd probably just trim the ends of the border... like you say, you're probably the only one who would notice!

  3. Such a fun quilt. If you use corner stones in the same background fabric and use that those at the ends of the other borders, I don't think that you've cut them down will be all that noticeable.


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