Sunday, September 18, 2016

Scrappy Columns of Blocks

For some reason, my chosen quilting project for the weekend ended up being the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge sampler quilt. Each month we make a set of blocks in the assigned color, with the plan of joining them into columns at the end of the year.

Our color plan for August was "the hazy purple of a dawn sky with hints of evergreens." I made a set of blocks in purple and green prints, but when I got them up on the wall with the rest of my blocks (including a set in purple from March), there was just too much purple. Fortunately, the August block was a very easy pattern, so I made a new set in shades of grey, our alternate color choice. You can see my two sets of August blocks in yesterday's post.

I briefly considered joining my blocks together in some way other than the planned columns, but the possibilities that I looked at just looked like a jumbled mess. Rather than adding the grey blocks to the box with all the blocks from previous months, it seemed like a good time to begin joining them together. That was so satisfying that I had to keep going. I now have four sets of blocks stitched into columns, but the columns are not sewn to one another yet. I'm waiting until all the different colors are done before I decide on the placement of the colors. There are still two more sets of blocks to make, red for September and October's color, which I am guessing will be some version of yellow.

I am sharing with Oh Scrap! at Quilting is more fun than Housework today. On Monday I will link up with Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times, Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt, and Moving It Forward at Em's Scrapbag.

Julie in GA


  1. They look great Julie. I went with gray last month too. I am really looking forward to the last block so I can start playing with a layout. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  2. Beautifully done! Changing out the purple for gray worked out really well. Looking forward to seeing how this one comes together.

  3. columns are fun to look at variety without being garbled - very nice


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