Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stash Report Sunday 6/5/16

My biggest quilting news for last week was a Bonnie Hunter sighting at the Atlanta airport. On Friday I was flying to Wisconsin to visit family. After I finally got through the TSA screening, I headed down to the train level, but decided to walk to my concourse and get a little exercise. Just as I was heading down the walkway, I saw a blonde woman in a bright pink t-shirt powerwalking the other way, and I thought "that looks like Bonnie Hunter." Then she reached the end and turned back around towards me, and sure enough it was Bonnie! I felt like a quilt groupie, but she was as nice as could be. We walked together all the way to my concourse and had wonderful chat the whole way.

We both took selfies of the two of us, but hers turned out much better than mine. She even mentioned our encounter and included the photo in her blog post yesterday. It was such a treat to meet you Bonnie!

There was only a small change to my stash report this week. I made two more of the Folded Box blocks in purples, but I don't have a photo of them to show. No new fabric added to the stash, but that will not be true next week because I did place an order on a Memorial Day sale.

Used this week:              .125 yards     
Used year to date:        33.25 yards

Stashed this week:           0.0 yards
Stashed year to date:    19.25 yards 

 Net year to date:   14.0 yards used

I am joining Kate at Life in Pieces in tracking the number of days each week that I spend at least 15 minutes quilting. Most of my stitching time last week and for the coming week will be hand stitching hexie blocks.

15 Minute Challenge:  
May 29 - June 4        6 of 7 days
June total                 3 of 4 days
Year to date       147 of 156 days

350 Block Challenge at Prairie Moon Quilts
Blocks made this week: 2

Check out more stash reports at Patchwork Times.  

Julie in GA


  1. What fun to run into a quilter in the airport! It is funny when you meet the teachers, isn't it? We know all about them and they know nothing about us! Hope you enjoy your trip and congrats on completing so many days of stitching this year!

  2. Bonnie spoke at my guild last year. She was one of the best speakers we ever had. My friend and I made her blog that day. I guess because we looked like we were having a lot of fun. She's a super nice lady.

  3. What a fun photo. How cool that you would run into her at the airport.

  4. How fun it must have been meeting Bonnie in person! I read the story on her blog yesterday, but didn't realize you were the person she was talking about until I read your blog post today. We quilters really do live in a small world.


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