Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UFO Parade 4/15/13

Note: This post was updated on 10/7/15 with some completions, but does not include new UFOs that have been added since the original post in April 2013.

Judy at Patchwork Times is hosting a UFO parade.  I guess the theory is that by showing ALL of our works in progress, the embarrassment will motivate us to do something with them, whether that means finish them or get rid of them. Michelle at Michelle's Romantic Tangle posed some questions that were bothering me too--do I need to count every sample I made to try out a pattern or every late-night mistake experiment?  There are lots of patterns I have seen and liked in books or magazines, made a block or two or a few, but didn't like it enough to keep going. Those did not make my list.

Here is my list of UFO's & WIP's, listed in order by date started, beginning with the oldest. Most have photos too. These are projects at all different stages of completion, and I am sure there are several more around here that haven't been unearthed yet.  I know there are some hand applique projects somewhere.  Finished tops that need to be quilted are not listed here--that will have to be a separate post.  Projects started this year are not included. 

1.  Unterageri Adventure, 3/1996--started in a class, design by Mary Ellen Hopkins; 36 blocks made, can't decide if it needs more blocks or what to do for a border.
TOP DONE 7/25/15

2. Ring of 8-Point Stars, 8/1999--idea based on photo in Quiter's Newsletter, March 1996, Persian Star by Mary K. Ryan. I made these star blocks, but got stuck on setting and I don't like the center of the stars.  Free to a good home.

3. Judy Martin sampler, 6/2000--blocks from Judy Martin's "The Block Book."  I no longer have most of the fabrics used in these blocks.  Available for giveaway.  Sent to Julianne in CA 4/23/13

4. Sawtooth Diamond--inspired by Diane Gaudynski quilt at Sun Prairie show 3/97, bought fabrics Oct. 2000, began piecing half-square triangles. 

5. Stack & Whack Hexagons, 11/00--made blocks as possible class sample but ended up using another fabric for the model.  These could become a kid's quilt.

6. Ring Around the Stars, 5/01--this was planned to be a bed-sized quilt, but I ran out of the background check.  I bought another background and pieced a whole new top 7/2001, and that is one of my favorite quilts ever!  This piece currently measures about 49 x 63".

7. Mini Snail's Trail, 7/01 designs/samples; 6/02 piecing, need to pull more fabrics to make as planned (3-1/2" blocks)

8. LeMoyne Star Sampler (red/white/blue) 9/01--get fabrics, begin making blocks; 5/03--make more blocks, 2/2012--combine w/ RWB Scrap Club blocks
TOP DONE 3/23/14

9. LeMoyne Stars 6" blocks, primary colors, 9/01--these four blocks are all that got done, but there are a few more cut out & I love the way they look
More blocks made 2014, two tops finished 12/2014 & 1/2015

10. Jewels in the Sky, 10/01--Karen K. Stone pattern "Jewels in the Garden"
11/01 cutting strips of blue/blacks and yellow/oranges, begin foundation piecing but not sure I like how it is turning out

11. Snowflakes, 11/01--started foundation piecing with pattern on the right, didn't even finish one block, similar pattern on left is from Quiltmaker Nov./Dec. 03

12. Feathered Stars,12/01--planned to make eight more feathered star blocks like this one for the center of a quilt, this is the only block done, measures 17"

13. Dutch Tiles, 2/2002--started in a class, approximately 35 or more blocks made, need to figure out how many I still need & how to finish this.
TOP DONE 4/6/15

14. Simple Symmetry #1--pattern by Paula Nadelstern in Quilters Newsletter, Jan./Feb. 2002, cutting & piecing May/June 2002

15. Placemats, 6/2002?--a guild I used to belong to had a placemat contest each year, and all the entries were then given to a Meals on Wheels group. These were started as extras for that program but never finished.

16. Jacob's Ladder, 7/2002--4 blocks pieced for possible class sample, more strip sets & half-square triangles made.

17. Diamond pineapple, 5/2003--1st block made in workshop with Sharon Rexroad, 7 more blocks made later, need to figure out setting/finishing plan.

18. Boston Fiesta, 4/2005--inspired by quilt at Paducah 4/2004, bought fabrics in Somerset, MA, began making samples/piecing blocks, 24 blocks done
TOP DONE 5/16/15

19. French Braid, 4/2010--begin panel for back door, more piecing 6/2010, needs borders & finishing as Roman shade

20. Simple Symmetry #2, 5/2010--class with Paula Nadelstern--my fabric was not a great choice, not enough contrast? 

21. Shooting Stars, 5/2010--started in a class, made 2 blocks.

22. Paisley placemats--begun fall 2010?, 6 placemats & tablerunner completed 5/2012, plan to make 6 more placemats

23. Orca Bay, 11/2011--my first attempt at a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I fell far behind rather quickly and set this project aside.  String blocks are not my favorite.  This may become a small Christmas wallhanging or tabletopper.

24. April 2012 Color Palette Challenge--my first attempt at English paper pieced hexagons

25. Grandmother's Choice, 9/2012--I started this Barbara Brackman Block of the Week last fall and kept up just fine for a few months, but lost interest.  Anybody want these blocks?  Sent to Julianne in CA 4/23/13

26. Easy Street, 11/2012--another Bonnie Hunter mystery, this one was much easier and more manageable.  I was able to keep up with the steps and got the center of my quilt together in January, 2013.  Need to figure out a border.
TOP DONE 4/28/15

To tell the truth, I was afraid there would be many more (but I know there are still some lurking in the closet, plus a whole box of unquilted tops.) Of the 26 shown here, there are 9 that I still really like and definitely plan to finish someday, 12 that I hope to finish, but don't hold your breath, and 5 that I am ready to give up on (throw away or give away.) Now I just need to come up with a plan for how to get more of these done and start fewer new projects, one of my major goals for this year.  All suggestions welcome!

Happy quilting!


  1. I think a local QOV group would take any of the blocks you don't want with a red, white and blue color theme (or something close to that). Is there a group near you that makes charity quilts that might take blocks?

    Love the first quilt. Very unusual.

    1. I love the idea of donating the RWB blocks to a QOV group.

      Even though it is my oldest UFO, the first quilt is one of my favorites too.

  2. I think you should add more blocks to that first quilt and skip the border.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That is exactly the plan I came up with yesterday. If I make 12 more blocks, that would bring the quilt to 58.5 x 78" before borders. That would be the perfect size for a QOV (although I might not be able to give it up!)

  3. I will take these off your hands if they are still up for grabs...Grandmothers Choice and Judy Martin sampler....Thanks!

  4. Looking through your list makes me glad I don't go to many classes or else I'd have a lot more UFOs! Good for you to move some that you aren't liking anymore to a new home.

  5. It was interesting to see your projects over time and when the "muse" came, went and came back. Regarding the first quilt, when you finished the top did you put on borders after all? It seems like a great candidate for a "skip the borders" quilt ala Julie Herman.

  6. I kinda inspired me with this old post as it's reaffirming to see how we all go through cycles.


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