Thursday, May 24, 2012

Storm at Sea top complete!!

For those who have been following my blog since I started at the beginning of this year, you know that my main project this past few months has been a Storm at Sea quilt.  I started this quilt in 2001, worked on it sporadically for awhile, then put it aside for 7 or 8 years.  I am hoping to finish up some of my old projects this year, and this was the first one tackled. 

I will get better photos later when I have some help to hold it up outside.  For now, the best option was on the bed.  Can't you just feel the movement of the waves?!!


  1. Excellent! I have been hoping to see this one finished up. At first I thought it was quilted already - I thought, wow, she works fast! I am blown away by it. Have fun quilting it (or having it quilted). Great job.

  2. Oh, look! Here it is five years after you've made this post, and I ran across it. I have been looking at this pattern and wanting to make a king-sized version for our bed, but I never know how it's going to actually 'look' on a real bed. Well, now I know! Thank you - I love it and am glad to have found it.


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