Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stash Report Sunday 2/14/16

Edited Mon., 2/15--I didn't get to link up for Stash Report Sunday yesterday, so this is going to be my Design Wall Monday post instead. 

Have you heard about the 365 Challenge, The Ultimate Sampler? It is a sampler quilt that is made by constructing one block every day. The project is headed up by Kathryn Kerr of Australia, and she posts the instructions for a new block every single day. Most of the blocks finish at either 3" or 6". At the end of the year, there will be 365 blocks, making a 90" square quilt. Here's the general layout planned for the quilt. Amazing, right?

I first heard about this challenge right around the beginning of the year, which is when the first blocks were posted. I was very tempted to join in, but managed to resist for a whole month, partly because I couldn't come up with a color scheme I wanted to use. Then it was February and I could resist no longer. I decided to go with blue and orange/rust/gold. Yesterday I finished making all of the blocks from January. These blocks all finish at 3".

I'm not used to working in such a small scale as these blocks use. Several of them include pieces that finish at only 1/2"! This will be a good test of my piecing accuracy. Here is one block with 1/2" squares in it. Those are some seriously small pieces!

I used approximately 5/8 yard of fabric on my sampler blocks for January. This week I also used 1/2 yard for a set of blocks for the RSC 2016 Sampler Quilt. You can see those blocks in yesterday's post. No additions to my stash this week.

Used this week:            1.125 yards     
Used year to date:      13.375 yards

Stashed this week:              0 yards
Stashed year to date:    10.25 yards 

 Net year to date:     3.125 yards used

I am joining Kate at Life in Pieces in tracking the number of days each week that I spend at least 15 minutes quilting. The more days  I quilt, the more quilts I can get done and the more fabric used. 

15 Minute Challenge:  
February 7 - 13            6 for 7 days
February total            11 for 13 days

350 Block Challenge at Prairie Moon Quilts:
This week's block total:    24

Check out more design walls at Patchwork Times.  

Julie in GA


  1. Great sampler! Yours will be gorgeous.

  2. Ooo, I really like that color scheme for your sampler blocks. You did a great job of getting all caught up!

  3. WOW! I love these colours. Looks fantastic already. I too am participating in this challenge and I know how small the pieces are. But I am so addicted now lol I can't stop. Congrats on catching up. ;^)

  4. Looking good. The whole quilt top looks fabulous but wow! that's a lot of very small blocks to make.

  5. Looking great! I have a friend that regularly chooses patterns such as these, in order to improve her piecing skills. Since she's really good, I guess it works! You inspire me to try this.

  6. I did this as 365 Day Challenge by Kathryn Kerr. She created this pattern and would email one block every day. It’s been awesome. So much fun.


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