Tuesday, June 2, 2015

350 Blocks Project--May 2015 Report

It's time for me to add up and report the number of blocks I made in May
for the 350 Blocks Project over at Prairie Moon Quilts. Every month Shelly sets the goal for how many blocks to make, with the grand total for the year being 350. The target for May is 30 blocks. I had a productive month in May, but it's a little hard to come up with a final number.

Counting the number of blocks I made isn't difficult. The problem is figuring out how to count other quilty sewing, like putting on a binding, stitching blocks together, or adding borders to a quilt. It's up to each participant to figure out their own way to count those things.

Here are my numbers of blocks for May:
RSC Circles blocks                    11
Rainbow Bowties                      40
Green Blooming 9Patch             54
Green 9Patch #2                      18

Dancing Stars binding                 2
Boston Fiesta--fix blocks             4
Boston Fiesta--join blocks           5
Boston Fiesta--border                 1
Boston Fiesta--back                    1
Green Blooming 9Patch--
   join blocks, add borders          14
Green 9Patch #2--join blocks/
   sashing/setting triangles           6

May Total:                               156

You can find out more about the 350 Blocks Project HERE. There is a prize drawing every month for all entrants who reach the monthly goal, plus prizes at the end of the year.

Julie in GA

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