Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stash Report Sunday 4/27/14

As expected, there were some major increases to my stash this week due to spending a couple days in Paducah. The good news is that I mostly managed to stick to my wish list instead of buying anything and everything that appealed to me.  I got some dark choices as possible background for a Mariner's Compass quilt that is in the planning stages.  The fabrics at the center are gradations, one from light grey to dark, the other from bright blue to navy.

The two fabrics to the left in the next photo are intended for a baby quilt. The parents are both musicians, a trumpet player and a violist. The rest of the quilt will use some of the other fabrics in this photo plus others pulled from my bin of music themed fabrics.

The other thing I was looking for were more black and white prints, and there were plenty to choose from. Here's what I got, plus a bright orange batik that just had to come home with me.

The only usage for the week was 1/8 yard for two 6" LeMoyne Stars.

Used this week:                          .125 yards
Used year to date:                   34.125  yards

Stashed this week:                  18.75 yards
Stashed year to date:          50.625 yards 

Net year to date:   
              16.5 yards stashed

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Julie in GA


  1. You bought some great fabrics - I especially like the fabric you plan on using for the baby quilt. You can never have too many black and white fabric in the stash. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Paducah!

  2. I love all that fabric. Especially the music fabric. I'm always collecting music prints and I've only ever made one quilt with it and it was black, white and red. My favourite colours.

  3. Beautiful acquisitions. Sounds like you have plans for most of it, so hopefully what came in will be going right back out.


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