Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday 8/13/12

There is finally definite progress to show on my hexagons.  In an attempt to speed up the process, I switched from English paper piecing to marking stitching lines on the back of each hexagon and sewing them together by machine.  Lots of stop & go, but still faster than those tiny little hand stitches.

The two "flowers" on the right side were done with English paper piecing, the two on the left were sewn by machine, and the two in the center have the hexagons sewn in vertical columns that need to be joined together.  Still one more "flower" to construct.

This doesn't mean I am giving up on English paper piecing.  I like the portability of that method.  It just didn't work for this project because of my deadline for finishing (mid-September.)

Check out all the amazing design walls at Patchwork Times  There's plenty of inspiration waiting there for you!



  1. How big are your hexies? Mine are 1.5" and I don't think I'd attempt those by machine. I like the unusual flower shape for your center units.

    1. My hexies are 1" each side. Sewing them on the machine is slow and tedious, but still faster than by hand.

  2. Beautiful work Julie, I'm sure you'll make your deadline!

  3. I love your fabrics - here's hoping you make deadline!

  4. I can't tell the difference and I agree, the machine is much faster. This is really looking good.


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