Monday, April 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 4/9/12

The design wall doesn't look too much different than a week ago.  I finished up swapping out several pieces to add some lighter/brighter fabrics to the mix.  Now the whole center of the quilt is up on the wall and ready to be assembled.  I am eager to see how the quilt comes together, but I need to work carefully in order to keep the pieces where they have been placed.  It would be far too easy to get pieces mixed up and switched around.

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  1. Love the colors, love the pattern. Someday when I grow up I'm going to make a storm at sea. Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous project. Keeping all those blocks in the right place can be a challenge.

  3. I will do a storm at sea someday...I look at yours and want to start one right now! Yours is beautiful...although the yellow "block " in the middle had me going for a minute...had to get my nose closer to see it was a sticky note!! Beautiful colors, stunning quilt.

  4. Great quilt. I made my first Storm at Sea block this week and it took me a whole afternoon, so you must have spent many hours doing all those pretty blocks, Well done!

  5. It's looking beautiful. I hope your blocks go together better than mine did. When I made a S-A-S, (it had been started by another person) the diamond shape was a single piece from a template rather than two triangles pieced together, so it was a bugger to have everything fit together right at the points and edges. I think S-A-S quilts are one of the most beautiful patterns available.

    1. I agree that it is a beautiful pattern, but also a very challenging one. I am trying to work carefully and not get too impatient to finish this quilt.

  6. That has really come together so well. I love the subtle nine patch squares. Have you ever tried the no-cut method of putting a top together that needs to stay in order? It is a very simple method and when done in the right order you end up with your rows pieced and the rows are all strung together as you are sewing rows so they can't get out of order. I have used it a few times and it is fabulous. I can describe it further and may be able to find the original tutorial for it if you are interested. Just shoot me an email.


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