Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Project Quilting 15.4: Hourglass

The fourth challenge for Season 15 of Project Quilting was announced on Sunday, and the theme this week is "Hourglass":


It’s one of the most common yet foundational of geometric shapes: the hourglass. Just two triangles stacked tip-to-tip. Put them inside a square and it’s a block even beginners can sew. 
But it’s also a symbol embued with meaning – representing the passage of time, a reminder of our inevitable mortality. A grim reminder of things lost and … wait, it got real grim all a sudden. 
Maybe I should switch subjects.
SEX! Yay! That’s better: let’s instead consider the hourglass as an idealization of the womanly form and the lusty virtues of youth. 

Er. Or maybe I should just stop and let you decide where you take this one?

Rule One: you must use an hourglass SHAPE in your project, but you do not have to use the exact hourglass BLOCK.

My version of the hourglass challenge used the traditional block design, but turned it into a rectangle so that it could become a placemat. I began with the triangles along the outer edges, then built them up with strips in a variety of red fabrics, our color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Hourglass placemat, 12.75" x 16.75"

This placemat will join the pile that is accumulating to be donated to Meals on Wheels. Since I used leftover strips and scraps, I'm also entering this for the Table Scraps Challenge at The Joyful Quilter. I've even got some hearts in there to fit the monthly theme.

The backing fabric was folded around to the front to become the binding.

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Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. Very bright and cheerful placemat.

  2. What a great idea to make placemats for Meals on Wheels! This will make someone's day and let them know they are loved. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss. https://www.inquiringquilter.com/questions/2024/02/21/wednesday-wait-loss-368

  3. That's a neat design, Julie! At first I thought you had made string blocks, but it was interesting to see how you really constructed the hourglass shape. Pretty reds, too!

  4. This is lovely in red. And so kind that you donate them.

  5. So beautiful! What a great plan to donate them :)

  6. What an eye-catching design! All of those fabrics complement each other so well! What a perfect idea to make and donate to someone to brighten their day.

  7. I love your unique method of constructing that gorgeous placemat for Meals on Wheels. It turned out beautifully! But we’d expect nothing less from you, LOL!! xo

  8. It works and it is just perfect!

  9. Ohhh I love your interpretation!! nd it meets 2 challenges and !! Someone will love to have it as a placemat - bring lots of happiness to them!

  10. Like Diane I thought you had made string blocks, but loved the way you started with triangles.
    Well done, and great result.
    Jane in Australia

  11. Very fun interpretation of multiple challenges!

  12. 2 for 1! Great job combining the challenges and your topper turned out great.

  13. Hi Julie, that's a great two for 1. It fits both challenges perfectly. Congrats!


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